Strategic management & leadership result based management-15th October 2019 Nairobi, Kenya

The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. People management is crucial for ensuring business performance and sustainability. The PAS project aims strengthen the capacity of policy implementers to increase evidence based policy implementation at government level in October 2019.

Overall objective
The participants will gain the knowledge needed to bring out the best in the people they manage. The trainees will have the opportunity to assess their strengths and development areas, to make them better at communicating and giving feedback, motivating teams, and managing change.
Delegates will gain knowledge and practical skills to enable them to achieve positive results from their people and will have an opportunity to analyze and modify their approach to leading and managing people.

Target group
Middle level cadre health policy implementers with a role of overseeing other people’s performance

Learning Outcomes/Objectives
By the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

•Set clear performance objectives that lead to optimal results
•Develop and motivate teams
•Formulate and execute organizational performance management strategy
•Communicate effectively
•Apply appropriate management style
•Demonstrate the role of emotional intelligence skills in performance management

Course content

  • Overview of strategic Management
  • Overview of Management and leadership styles – Team management
  • Overview of communications
  • Performance Management (PM Cycle, goal setting and performance planning)RBM
  • Effective delegation and performance Monitoring
  • Performance management and feedback
  • Staff development and motivation
  • Situational leadership (Leadership models, levels of development for teams, leadership styles)
  • Coaching, conflict resolution, and handling difficult situations
  • Overview of HR Management
  • Finance Management

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