The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN)

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) is one of the oldest civil society groups in Nigeria. It dates back to 1927 when the Association of Dispensers was founded and registered under Section 21 of the 1922 Companies Act. PSN is a membership organization with branches in every state of the Federation. Its objectives are:

  • To maintain a high standard of professional ethics and discipline amongst its members
  • To promote and maintain a high standard of Pharmacy education in Nigeria
  • To collate and disseminate statistics, scientific and other information relating to Pharmacy and publish such in an Official Journal

Since its formation, the PSN has advocated to government on numerous policy, legal and regulatory issues related to public health.

Role in the Project                                            

PSN Implements the advocacy component of the project on ending childhood killer diseases at national level and in 3 focal states to prompt the Government of Nigeria to enact, disseminate and implement policies that will lead to a reduction in the death of children under age 5 resulting from childhood pneumonia and diarrhea in Nigeria by 2017 and beyond.

PSN-PACFaH advocates for:

Revision of the current National treatment guidelines (the Essential Medicines List and the Standard Treatment Guidelines) which was last updated in 2010 & 2008 respectively.

The adoption and implementation of the UNCoLSC recommendation by listing Amoxicillin dispersible tablet as the first line drug for the management of childhood uncomplicated acute community acquired pneumonia in the Standard Treatment Guidelines and the Essential Medicines List.

Creation of specific budget lines for the procurement of the commodities (Amoxicillin DT & Zn/ORS) at the State & federal budget.

Training of front line health workers to acquire the current knowledge & skills to correctly diagnose & treat childhood pneumonia & diarrhea diseases using Amoxicillin DT & Zn/ORS respectively.

The Government to encourage the domestication and increased production, distribution and appropriate promotion of the commodities by local healthcare providers and private sector actors (manufacturers, distributors, and community pharmacies) by enacting friendly policies that will ensure the targeted communities have access to these life-saving products.

That pneumonia and diarrhea disease preventive measures such as regular and proper hand washing, exclusive breastfeeding for six months, completion of routine immunization, adequate nutrition, and adequate ventilation be encouraged.

PSN in the PACFaH project has gathered evidence including baseline studies, including a monitoring report on the guidelines on Pneumonia and diarrhea been issued by agencies at National and state level and a situational analysis on pneumonia and diarrhea at National and 3 states. The organization also developed policy briefs on pneumonia and diarrhea and organized Policy Dialogue at National Level, Lagos and Kaduna.

Its Kaduna Policy dialogue resulted in the purchase of 4000 units of amoxicillin DT and support by the Kaduna state Ministry of health for the Amoxicillin DT as first line treatment for community acquired pneumonia

Its National Policy dialogue brought together stakeholders to build consensus towards the adoption of amoxicillin DT commodity as first line treatment for community acquired pneumonia and its listing in the National essential medicine list.

Lastly the organization has mapped CSO’s for further training on advocacy and effective budget tracking to enable them track and monitor government funding to ensure accountability towards ending childhood killer diseases.

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