Africa Health Agenda International Conference 2019.

dRPC-PAS increased efforts to support the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies ( NIPSS) who’s focus of this year’s executive course is on health by exposing focal executives of NIPSS to key learnings from international counterparts in the AHAIC 2019.

Lagos State – Local Government Family Planning Financing Scorecard

As national and sub-national governments look forward to meeting their family planning objectives and targets by the year 2020, we are seeing low client acceptor owing to long lasting issues such as attitude of health workers, movement of clients, need for more stores, lack of consumables and data disparity as some of the challenges to meeting this target.

Innovative Small Grants Program — Request For Proposals

For the year 2019 the Child Health Foundation (CHF) wishes to receive proposals from registered non-governmental organizations (NGO)s) for innovative research or innovative service projects directed at improving the health and well-being of new-born infants during their first month of life.

TOT Learning on LARC FP Methods For PACFaH by SFH

The TOT training on LARC commenced by 9 a.m. at the SFH Learning Centre with the recap of activities from day 1.
Today’s training session was attended by all 25 master trainers and the program director for SSDO, the CEO WACHEF, CEO RAHI with members of the dRPC team.