The Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria (HERFON)

The Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria is a non-profit, non-government organization developed by a group of reform minded Nigerians who have come together in response to the deplorable health system and health status of Nigeria. The foundation aims to support and help to sustain Health Reform Agenda in the country. It strives to support the government to achieve its health sector reform objectives.

HERFON has a Board of Trustees comprising some of the best hands and brains in Health sector Reforms in the country, who drive the policies of the organization and are responsible to about 1,000 members/change agents spread across the 36 States and FCT Abuja. Members consist of senior Health officials, media persons, religious and opinion leaders in various positions. HERFON remains committed to supporting the Federal Ministry of Health [FMOH] to achieve its stated health sector reform objectives of improving the stewardship role of Government; strengthening the National Health System and its management; reducing the burden of disease; improving health resources and their management; improving access to quality health services; improving consumers awareness and community involvement; and promoting effective partnership, collaboration and coordination.


Role in the project

HERFON is a crosscutting partner in the PACFaH project responsible for providing evidence base for advocacy and technical support to the coalition members. HERFON works on health policy mapping, training and materials development in the PACFaH project.

The organization also complements the work of AAFP at the state level by implementing FP advocacy in 3 focal states. HERFON conducts research on child and family health financing and policies, supports the production of score cards, and policy briefs for all 4 issue areas at national and state levels.

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