Family Planning

PAS also engaged in the development and review of FP Blueprint, formed CSO coalitions, engaged in accountability platforms and initiated the process and review of treatment guidelines to empower CPs and PPMVs to deliver reversible FP commodities and services. PAS CSO (AAFP) showed leadership in the convening of the 5th Biennial Family Planning Conference Abuja Nigeria. To improve allocation and timely releases of funds for FP in fulfilment of state government’s commitments to FP through domestication of Federal government’s policies and the introduction of state specific programs, PAS CSOs (NNNGO) developed a mid year FP CIP score card for Lagos state to actively engage government on issues of FP financing. PAS CSOs also participated in State led accountability mechanisms. PAS (PSN) activities were pivotal in the strengthening of the national treatment guidelines to enable CPs and PPMVs to deliver reversible FP commodities.

Outcomes to be achieved by End of Project – Family Planning

The 3 investment primary outcomes of the PAS project at national level are:

1) Strengthened institutionalization of accountability mechanisms and standards in the new FP Blueprint (2019-2023) and in the review FP related policies such as the Task;
2) Strengthened (updated) national treatment guidelines (NSTG, NEML & PPMV List) to enable CPs & PPMVs to deliver reversible FP commodities (pills, injectables and implants) in Nigeria;
3) Strengthened implementation of the revised national treatment guidelines (NSTG, NEML & PPMV List) at the state level using TSTS Policy to enable CPs and PPMVs in Kaduna and Lagos to deliver reversible FP commodities and implants in the medium term. A total of 9 investment intermediate outcomes are to be achieved over the life of the project one of the most significant of which is to Revised task shifting and task sharing policy to include CPs and PPMVs as providers of expanded family planning services in Nigeria. A total of 38 investment outputs are expected to be achieved to realize the investment primary and intermediate outcomes.

At the state levels of Anambra, Enugu, Kano, Kaduna, Niger, Lagos, Rivers and Taraba states, the investment primary outcome to be achieved is – Improved allocation and timely releases of FP funding in fulfillment of state governments’ commitments to FP through the domestication of Federal government policies and the introduction of state specific programs. Investment intermediate outcome identified for achievement is – Increased advocacy capacity of CSO coalitions in support of allocation and release of funding by States. A total of 6 investment outputs are also to be achieved, 5 on the demand side and one focusing on developing champions to be achieved on the supply side over the life of the project. Adoption of the Task Shifting and Task Sharing policies as well as the Family Planning Blueprint at state level are key outputs mainstreamed within all investment outcomes.


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