Civil Society Scaling-Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN)

The Civil Society Scaling-Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) is a non-governmental, non-profit making coalition, made up of organizations with a shared vision to transform Nigeria into a country where every citizen is food and nutrition secured. The organization engages government and non-state actors to raise awareness, sustain commitments and actions to effectively tackle under-nutrition in Nigeria.

CS-SUNN is a national based organization with members spread across the states serving as local working groups. The organization mobilizes Non State Actors to advocate, generate evidence, build capacity and stimulate communities to scale up nutrition in Nigeria.


Role in the PACFaH Project

CS-SUNN is the Nutrition Lead in the PACFaH project. The organization implements the nutrition advocacy component of the project at national and state levels.


CS-SUNN advocates for:

The implementation of the NSPAN, with focus on maternal and child nutrition component, at the national level and its adoption in the three focal states by 2017

Increased funding for maternal and child nutrition at the Ministries of Health and Agriculture at the national and in the three focal states by 2017

The timely release of funds for maternal and child nutrition and increased accountability and management of the funds at the national and in the three focal states.

The Organization has generated evidence base for its advocacy activities in the project, and succeeded in increasing awareness amongst nutrition stakeholders on its findings at National and State. CS-SUNNs advocacy efforts so far has resulted in increased awareness of the NSPAN at National and state level, the creation of budget lines for nutrition and the adoption of the NSPAN in some of its focal state.

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